activities Business Fields

JRM supplies our products to the various industries and fields.
Some of examples as per below;

Electronic Devices

Audio and Visual equipment, Office Automation machine, Measuring Instruments, Toys & Game Hardware, Wired and Wireless Communication devices

Consumer Electric Devices

Shower toilet seats, Nursing electronic equipment, Home electronics, Air-conditioners, Inverter Room light remote controllers

Industrial Equipment

Electronic switches, Power tools, Factory Automation devices, Oil pressure controlled machine, Power generators, Welding Machine, Converters, Elevators, DC/DC Converters, Inverters, Construction equipment


Steering, Car monitoring panels, Shock absorber braking systems. Air conditioners, Transmissions, Electric Vehcles, Hybrid vehicles, Agriculture machine, Forklifts, Motor cycles, Bicycles, Trains, Signals, Boats

Health and Medical Equipment

Health equipment, Beauty therapy equipment, Medical equipment

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