JRM Activities Quality Control Measures

It is a mission of ours as manufacturers of resistors and electronic equipment to consistently provide customers with high-quality products. At our manufacturing footholds in Toyama, Oita and Shanghai, production is well-appointed under systematic quality control. We not only place emphasis on the maintenance of facilities, but also in the training of staff involved in manufacturing. This allows us to consistently provide high-quality products.

Quality management system ISO9001 certification

Japan Resistor Mfg. Co., Ltd Japan Resistor oita Mfg. Co., Ltd. JRM (Shanghai) Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Japan Resistor Mfg. Co., Ltd. Japan Resistor Oita Mfg. Co., Ltd. JRM (Shanghai) Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Automotive Quality Management System IATF16949 certification

JRM (Shanghai) Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
JRM (Shanghai) Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Traceability system

We have established a traceability system which can trace from warehousing of components to shipment of products.
The production lot number linked to each product has become serialized by bar-code and all logs relating to product/component lot numbers, shipping dates and arrival dates have been compiled as a database. This enables us to manage lots and data together and prevent discrepancies or any other errors.

JRM’s serial No. management system

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