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Policy for Japan Resistor Sales Co., Ltd.

Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certification

Japan Resistor Sales Co., Ltd

Fundamental Principles

It is our intention to be friendly to the earth since our products are necessary to the electronics industry and can be found in a variety of areas and fields. Recycling and waste management is a target that must be achieved in order to protect and safeguard our planet. All departments in our company are concerned about any possible negative effects to the environment of our products or manufacturing activities.

Fundamental Policy

  1. We observe applicable environmental laws and all statutory requirements, thereof in all our business locations.
  2. We reduce all environmental loads possible, technically and economically, where feasibly manageable in our business activities.
  3. We make great efforts to constantly improve our activities, in which the environmental purpose and target shall be set and checked regularly.
    In particular, the following items are considered a priority to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
    1) Proposing products, which are friendly to the environment, for its protection and/or improvement.
    2) Promoting discussion and agreement with our customers to ban and/or reduce any potentially hazardous substances, which may be used in our production process or products.
    3) Promoting the reduction of waste and recycling of materials.
    4) Promoting energy-saving schemes.
  4. This policy is announced and disclosed to all the employees, related personnel and any other interested parties.

March 1. 2009
Japan Resistor Sales Co., Ltd.
Takanori Yoshida, Director & General Manager

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