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Production Dep. Section1
         for Hybrid IC production

Dust control Cleaning activities Reinforcement of electrostatic control Complying with RoHS Introduction of traceability system

Setting up a separate line for the exclusive use of Hybrid Integrated Circuits.

  • Complete provision of mandatory footwear for indoor use only
  • Adoption of dust absorbing mats
  • Separation or isolation of processes which produce dust, such as warehousing and packing lines
  • Prohibition against corrugated cardboard
  • Classification due to identification of a storage location number in the ware house
  • Reinforcement of watch due to 5S patrol
  • Definition of passage by colored tapes on the floor

Electrostatic charge voltage no more than 100V
Electrical conductivity 750kΩ~100MΩ

  • Production floors with overall electrical conductivity
  • Staff measured for electrical conductivity at the entrance to the production facility
  • Installation of exclusive electrical earthing
  • Mandatory use of earth bands for all staff
  • Adoption of anti-electrostatic work-wear
  • Adoption of conductive shoes
  • Regular watch of electrostatic charge voltage
  • Work desks/benches on conductive mats
[Production line in manufacturing department]
[Production line in manufacturing department]
[Inspection section in quality assurance department]

HIC Production Line

  • Mounter Line
    • ・Line1 : Solder printing → Standard mounter → Flexible Mounter → N2Reflow
    • ・Line2 : Solder printing → Standard checker → High Speed mouter
      → Flexible Mounter → N2Reflow
  • Function Trimming Equioment
    • ・Laser Trimming Machine 2 sets
    • ・Band Trimming Machine 3 sets
  • PCB Breaking Machine Router type 1 set
    V cut type 2 sets
  • High Speed visual appearance checking machine 1 set
  • Solder Robot 2 sets
  • High viscosity resin filler 4 sets
  • Laser Marking Machine 1 set
  • Lead frame insertion machine 2 set
  • Mobile Visual Inspection Robot 1 set
  • In-circuit tester 2 sets
[Mounter Line, N2 Reflow]
[Laser Trimming machine]
[Soldering Robot Machine]
[High Viscosity Resin Filler]

Production Dep. Section 2
         for Resistor Production

January, 2007 Started research of market and customer needs in China.
April, 2007 Drafted a business plan of industrial wire-wound resistors.
November, 2007 Decided to introduce the facilities for industrial wire-wound resistors.
March, 2008 Finished the 3rd term construction for securing a manufacturing environment space.
May, 2008 Carried out the 1st introduction of the facilities.
July, 2008 Started trial manufacture.
September, 2008 Finished construction of the 1st production line. Established a person in charge of the resistors manufacturing department.
January, 2009 Full-scale mass production started.
September, 2011 The 5th term construction completed for increasing its production capacity.
Main Production Equipment
  • Auto Wire-wounding Machine 1 set
  • Spot Welding Machine 2 sets
  • Filler Mixer 1 set
  • Filling Machine 2 sets
  • Laser Marking Machine 1 set
  • Dryer 5 sets
  • Auto Coil Former 2 sets
  • Wire Cut & Striping Machine 1 set
  • Dielectric Strength Voltage Testing Equipment 2 sets
[Resistors production line]
Productive Capacity



[Production line of car parking control equipment]
[Multiple Layered warehouse]
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