Products Circuit Boards & Units

In meeting the needs of the market, we operate a total development system for our electronic component products, combining software, hardware and mechanical design.
Our primary products consist of household equipment(heated toilet seats with heated bidet and warm air dryer), control equipment related to automobile electronics, electrical farm apparatus(moisture meters, color selectors for management and selection of rice quality), health and beauty equipment and power supply equipment(for air conditioners and office and factory automation).
With their hybrid ICs, function chips, sensors, etc., such equipment and apparatus can be made smaller, lighter, more efficient and more 'intelligent', providing electronic products with higher added value.

About Circuit Boards & Units

JRM contributes to all the fields where electronics can be applied, including planning, designing, developing, and producing electronic products and mechatronic (mechanical + electronic) products which apply one-chip micro computers.
Our technical team challenges new fields of electronics and fully utilizing our accumulated technological expertise over a wide range of electronic fields so that we can serve you better.

Electronic Circuit Technology / Mounting Design Technology

Our design development, quality control and production staff are all dedicated to serve all your requirements for products:
higher reliability, miniaturization, lower cost, etc.

Various Functions to Products with One-chip Microcomputers

We consider all the factors in terms of reliability, miniaturization, etc. based on our long experience of applied technology.

Water + Electronics Combined Products

We have successfully planned, designed, developed and produced products for spraying heated water at a constant temperature, generation of ionized steam, automatic water supply, temperature control for various heaters, water pressure control, AC / DC motor control, ionized unit products.

Application of Semi-conductors and Power Elements

Our application experience of various sensors including CCD line sensors for detecting foreign material and magnetic sensors for controlling welders, enables us to find the best application according to the operating environment.

We Satisfy Various Industrial Standards

Our production facilities are authorized;

  • PSE (Product Safety and Electrical Appliance & Materials)
  • JWWC (Japan Water Works Association)
  • Japan Pharmaceutical Affaires Law
  • Other Standards

Examples of Development and Product

Household Equipment

Toilets equipped with cleaning and drying function and hot water (finished product).
Electrical equipment for air conditioner cleaner, lighting apparatus, electrical equipment for home automation related products, heating thermal insulation apparatus.

Various Modules

Electric controlling units, Motor units etc.
Correspondence to avoid humidity using potting technology.

Automotive Equipment

Fuel gauge sensors, Control meter circuit boards and Electric units for fuel injection system.
JRM has broad expertise in relation to the automotive industry.

Health & Cosmetic Equipment

Massage / Physiotherapy apparatus

Office Automation Products

Switching Power Supply, DC / DC Converters

Plant Equipment

Auto-Hydrometers for agriculture, Crop selecting sensor by coloration method, Granular gauges, Inverter motor controllers, Electric Break units

Hydraulic Pressure Control Systems

Electric hydraulic air pressure control units, Electric joysticks

Construction Machinery

Electric control units for engine power generation, Remote controllers for welding machine controlling devices.

Medical Equipment

Fluid Warmers

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