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Hybrid IC

Hybrid ICHybrid Integrated Circuits shows high growth rate in proportion to the market expansion of semiconductor IC. Our Hybrid Integrated Circuits have advanced miniaturization, density, credibility and rank highly with major parts makers, especially in the very competitive category of electrical equipment for cars. We take great pride in our delivery record to the electrical module manufacturers for automotive.
We have refined the technology furthermore and developed and sold DC/DC converters coping with high frequency and progress of cordless items plus switching power supply hybrid Integrated Circuits for air conditioners. Moreover, we make full use of a new technology for high-density(copper electrode substrates, silver-platinum electrode substrates, flip-chip bonding, fine patterning)and develop and manufacture the original products with a high level of functionality and high added value.

JRM's Technology

We offer compact intelligent sensors with sensing and processing functions by installing various kinds of sensors into Hybrid Module.


  • Better resistance against noise by the shortest-wiring structure
  • Dispersed processing of input information
  • High performance with its own correction function of sensor output characteristics
  • High accuracy achieved by function trimming
  • Reduced number of input and output terminals
  • Compact, light and highly dense
  • Protecting confidentiality of circuit design

Examples of The Mounted Sensors

  • Optical sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor


  • Pattern recognition system
  • Multiple-contact photo switch
  • Temperature-and-humidity detector
  • Various encoders
  • Bar-code reader
  • Pressure detector
  • Level detector

Variations of Mounting Technology

Function Trimming

Our particular measuring technology achieves an automatic trimming thus enabling a high-performance, high-accuracy hybrid Integrated Circuit to be produced. It is also possible to adapt this to the time-constant and multituning requirements.

Metal Substrate & Flexible Board Module

We can use flexible boards to meet the demand for flexibility and ultra-slimness as well as ceramic or rigid board. We can also produce the modules using metal boards for better heat radiation characteristics.

Case Filling and Coating Technology

In addition to the standard coating of Hybrid Integrated Circuits, we can also fill completed product module cases with resin, and apply "anti-humidity" coating or potting.

Hybrid Integrated Circuits


Thick-film Hybrid Integrated Circuit

Hybrid Integrated Circuit featuring thick-film printing technology.
We can offer Hybrid Integrated Circuit meeting your demand with our technology of multi-layer printing, through-hole printing, and function-trimming.

<Rigid Hybrid Integrated Circuit>
We use glass epoxy boards and give you design flexibility. These can be multilayered and high-density mounted type. The cost will be competitive.


SIP-type Hybrid Integrated Circuit

Requiring minimum space for mounting, which allows miniaturization of motherboard.

DIP-type Hybrid Integrated Circuit

This allows making it three-dimensional configuration and efficient use of space with long life anti-vibration characteristics.

Compound Mounted Module

Aluminium Wire Bonding

We can produce power circuits of higher density suitable for using miniaturization.
We can produce high-value added Power Hybrid integrated circuits using aluminum wire bonding technology, which utilizes our extensive thermal design experience.


We can produce various high-density mounted board assemblies. We can also participate in the planning stage including circuit and board designs and offer Hybrid mounted module with characteristics evaluations. We will contribute to produce half-finished / OEM products as you require.

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